‘Storytellers’ featuring Rory Gallagher


This version of ‘Storytellers’ by Joe O’Donnell has him duetting with Rory Gallagher, both at the top of their game.


This remastered single version of ‘Storytellers’ is different to the version on ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’. It features Joe O’Donnell and Rory Gallagher in a lyrical exchange that shows both musicians in masterful form. They recorded it immediately after completing the album. This contributes to a feeling of joyous relaxation about the track and this pervades its powerful melody and improvisation.

Joe was able to rescue the original quarter-inch tape and re-mix it taking advantage of 40 years of technological progress! As a result it sounds clearer and brighter than the early version.

Was ‘Storytellers’ Rory Gallagher’s only single?

‘Storytellers’ featuring Rory Gallagher is one of the very few singles Rory ever played on, and the original version did not receive great promotion.  This means that very few people have heard it, until now. This is your chance to own and enjoy a newly-recovered piece of Rock history!

Joe O'Donnell, Celtic Fusion violinist


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