Si Hayden has been busy!

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Si Hayden has been busy!

Si Hayden has been busy in his own right over the last few weeks.

His latest solo album ‘The Immutable Acoustic’ has come out and has been winning plaudits. Comprising 9 original tunes and one Vivaldi piece, the album is all played on a steel-string acoustic guitar, amplified with a Seymour-Duncan humbucker!

You can enjoy the whole album on Youtube here, or order the CD from Silvery Records.

Here are some comments prompted by the new album

“An Incredible Musician, we look forward to his return”
(Micheal Pipe – Promotor The Etshed/Bedford)

“Very tasteful guitar playing indeed! Nice one Si Hayden”
(UK Flamenco Maestro David Shepherd)

“There’s a nocturnal quality to Hayden’s live playing that adds a patina of mystery and charm to this recording!” (AFG Guitars/UK)

A night to remember

Meanwhile Si and his power trio companions Wayne Matthews (bass) and Ben Haines (drums) have taken on saxophone tyro Gilad Atzmon. On a night charged with energy and spontaneous creativity the veteran jazzman found himself in good company as the trio laid out their fast-flowing, high-octane improvisation. The results were truly inspiring, as this video surely demonstrates.

The event was promoted by artintoheart as part of ongoing efforts to raise awareness of the plight of children and families in Gaza and support the work of the Palestine Trauma Centre.

And now – you can watch some spectacular footage from the night in question here!



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