Gaodhal’s Vision – much work in progress!

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Gaodhal’s Vision – much work in progress!

We are getting very excited about all the work in progress on ‘Gaodhal’s Vision – From Egypt to Éire’! It’s coming to The Belgrade Theatre B2, Coventry on March 31st and April 1st, before the release of a Special Edition of the remixed album (plus other goodies) around the end of April.

The band is of course rehearsing every week, and our wonderful dancers Sabrina, Alysha and the McHugh Irish Dancers are hard at work too. We are gradually building the orchestral sound track by remixing parts of the original recording and adding some new instrumental flavours too. Meanwhile our technical wizards are helping us to develop our visuals for the show with some wonderful atmospheric images.

As a result of going back to the original 2″ master tapes (now 40 years old) Joe has discovered some guitar playing by Rory Gallagher that did not appear on the original recording. He is hoping to feature this on the 40th Anniversary Special Edition as well.

All these things will make it truly a new version of the album that had such an impact all those years ago.

Preview of the new Gaodhal’s Vision

As a really exciting preview to the shows we are also putting out a single version (different to the album) of the track ‘Poets and Storytellers’. This features Rory and Joe playing off each other and trading phrases in a really spontaneous way, just as they used to do on gigs back in the 1970s.

You can find out more about the Belgrade dates here.

Please stay tuned for further announcements!

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