‘Gaodhal’s Vision’ – it’s live!

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‘Gaodhal’s Vision’ – it’s live!

After months  of preparation we are about to let loose our new version of ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’, Joe O’Donnell’s 1977 magnum opus!

40 years after its release,  and over ten years since its last performance, we are playing Gaodhal’s Vision from beginning to end!

It’s been a major undertaking, learning over 60 minutes of very varies as well as challenging music, preparing orchestral backing tracks, developing a visual display, working with guest musicians and dancers too!

Here’s what is happening:

  • Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla will be enlarged by guest musicians Aiden O’Brien (Uilleann Pipes) and Ben Haines (percussion)
  • Fusion Dancers Sabrina and Alysha,  and the McHugh Irish Dancers will add movement and cross-cultural interpretation to the music
  • Orchestral arrangements from the original recording have been re-mixed to play as part of the performance
  • Rory Gallagher’s original guitar solos will feature in new settings played by the current band
  • Narration and slide projection will add insights and visual imagery about the themes of the album

We are at The Coventry Belgrade Theatre (B2) on March 31st and April 1st at 8.00pm.

It will be a unique multi-media experience! Running time: 1hr, 20mins

Please join us if you can! Tickets