‘The Long Sobs’ – Coventry City of Culture

Posted by on Apr 9, 2021 in Uncategorized

Coventry ‘The Long Sobs’ – Shkayla’s project for Coventry City of Culture – is moving forward!  With help from Arts Council England we are building the project on many levels.  These range from design and orchestration to community engagement and participation.

We have therefore created a new website page so you can follow developments and keep abreast of the project as it grows.  We will post updates here about our progress and also news about our partners including the Albany Theatre, Coventry and Orchestra Of The Swan.

Did you know ‘The Long Sobs’ was a call sign used in WW2 to alert the French Resistance about the D-Day landings?  The phrase comes from a poem by 19th C. French poet Paul Verlaine: “The long sobs of the autumn violins bruise my heart with their monotonous languor.”  You can see why it appeals to Joe!

Coventry City of Culture – a toast!

Given the experiences of the last 15 months it is remarkable that Coventry City of Culture is still happening.  Much praise is due to the organisers and their backers for keeping the faith and finding ways through the challenges!  Keep on top of all  their news here, and let’s raise a glass to them next time we can.