‘Noel Nouvelet’

The Coventry Carol, a French traditional Carol and North African rhythms combine to make an uplifting and cosmopolitan Christmas offering! Wishing everyone a peaceful and enjoyable 2019. 

Cover for 'Noel Nouvelet' Xmas single
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‘Storytellers’ single by Joe O’Donnell feat. Rory Gallagher

March 2017

Joe O'Donnells Shkayla - Stroytellers
sildenafil priligy cheap 01 Storytellers
‘Storytellers’ by Joe O’Donnell feat. Rory Gallagher. Released March 2017, this is a re-worked version of the original single released in 1977. It showcases Joe and Rory in some magnificent exchanges.

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This version of the tune is different to the one on ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’, the 1977 album it was originally put out to trail. The album is due for re-release (re-mixed, with some instruments added) in a 40th Anniversary Special Edition due out on April 28th. Full details of this release is coming soon. Contact us for pre-sale information.

Into The Becoming

Released 2013

Joe O'Donnells Shkayla - Into The Becoming
01 Freagra 4:41
best website to buy kamagra 02 Swaggering Set 3:16
03 Je’ntende Le Loup Suite 4:51
04 Breton Set 5:00
05 Tap the Barrel/ Cooley’s Reel 2:41
06 Smearach 2:01
07 Variation On Valencia Lament 6:40
08 Noisy Johnny 3:16
09 Severeno 3:55
10 Ton Bale Purled/ Gavotte 3:04
11 Skewball 4:03
12 O’Neil’s Lament 5:42
“a genuine, arresting, riveting ensemble masterpiece” – Let It Rock

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Celtic Cargo

Released 2008

Joe O'Donnell's Shkayla Celtic Cargo
01 Brian Boru / O’Neill’s Cavalcade / March Set 4:44
02 Sullivans’ John 4:53
03 Dublin Streets Jig Set Wrens Nest / Dever the Dancer / Cordial 4:07
04 P Is for Paddy 5:15
05 Gareth Barry / Hag At the Well 6:21
06 Cam Ye O’er Frae France 3:40
07 The Maid I Ne’er Forgot / Reel 4:22
08 Farewell to Old Ireland 5:14
09 Breton Set 5:19
10 Song of the Nations 4:13
11 Scottish Set 4:28
“Celtic Cargo is bold in stature and wide in scope, a credit to O’Donnell’s production and arranging skills and considerable musical vision.” – Rock’n’Reel

Brian Boru / O’Neill’s Cavalcade was selected for inclusion on ‘The Ultimate Guide to Irish Folk‘ (ARC Records, 2014).



Released 1998

Joe O'Donnell's Shkayla
01 O’Neil’s Lament 4:50
02 Ag Sugra Lies An Ghaoit 5:22
03 Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore 4:44
04 Freagra 3:36
05 Sium Ni Dhuibhir 5:17
06 Tap The Barrel / Cooley’s Reel 2:26
07 Muintir Na Tire 3:30
08 Oro Se Do Bheath 5:14
09 Spailpin Fanoc (kid on the mountain) 4:41
10 Kimiad 3:34