‘Gael’s Vision’ 40th Anniversary Edition


Remixed and enhanced version of the original ‘Gaodhals’ Vision’ by Joe O’Donnell, Gael’s Vision 40th Anniversary Edition  has the extended studio album plus live DVD of the album performed at Coventry Belgrade Theatre featuring guest musicians, Irish and Indian Dancers, narration and image  projection. 16pp full colour insert too – all for only £15!


‘Gael’s Vision’ 40th Anniversary Edition is out and on sale now!

Why the 40th Anniversary Edition?

‘Gael’s Vision’ 40th Anniversary Edition celebrates the 1977 album release of ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’ by Celtic fusion violinist Joe O’Donnell.

The original album was widely acclaimed and made a lasting impression. It still commands affection and respect today. It blended haunting Celtic melodies, lush orchestrations, searing rock feels and Indian musical influences. The finest musicians of the day played on the album. This includes the guitar legend Rory Gallagher, with whom Joe enjoyed a warm musical friendship.

The 40th Anniversary Edition offers a re-mix of the original album with instrumental enhancements and additional passages. Rory Gallagher’s presence is as vibrant as ever, perhaps even more so with the benefits of today’s technology! There is also a full-length live DVD of the recent performances of ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’ at the Coventry Belgrade Theatre, featuring guest musicians, Irish and Indian dancers, narration and dramatic images.

Features to look out for:

  • some tracks are now longer than on the original vinyl
  • new and extended, tonally improved lead guitar by Rory (electric and acoustic)
  • previously unheard additional track
  • enriched orchestral passages
  • contributions by Joe’s powerful Coventry band Shkayla and other guest musicians

There is also a fine 16pp illustrated souvenir insert with insights into the album and some stunning images relating to the legend of the Milesian people. Some say their migration from Egypt to Éire gave rise to the people we now call the Celts.









Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 140 × 125 × 14 cm


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